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Apologies to anyone who got snapped at earlier - I was headachy and tired and things were spinning just a little but we don't think about that.

I'm fine now - well, still headachy and weary, but in a better mood. I cooked food, and ate food while watching Firefly.

Somehow, Firefly always makes everything OK. Partly because it's brilliant and I love it, partly because it reminds me of some of the people I love best (you know who you are), partly because... it just does.

I think I'm going to write some more and then go to bed. There's more time left this month than I'm letting myself believe, even with people coming to stay and me going back to Oxford/Cambridge - and everything's going to be just fine - because somehow, it always is, in the end.

And if it's not - well, it's just not the end.
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Oooooh, brain overload. I've done work on three of my four subjects today - half written a dissertation for one of them, as well as studying Italian, doing watercolours and writing poetry. Even tea is no longer helping as much as it ought.

Mm. Curling up is so tempting. On the other hand, drinking tea and watching Firefly after finishing off another bit of work is also very tempting...

Right. Shawl/scarf back on, back straight, push hair back, tuck feet under chair, absent mindedly chew a pencil... find the tea, preferably the full mug, and write another section to this dissertation.


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