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Little things please me inordinately much, expecially when I'm lazy and not working - like cooking rice and chicken. Now eating yoghurt made of wild savage blackberries. It's raining and I love this place stupidly much. Everything just seems to be working. Though I am counting. 16 days.
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Sometimes, it's the little things in life that matter most.

A phone call
Neat writing
Chocolate gloop
A warm blanket
The delicious feeling of staying up late and doing something other than the work that needs to be done

Sometimes I wonder if it's only ever the little things that matter.
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I had an inexplicably beautiful wonderful feeling when I was walking through the village just now. Three and a half weeks shy of turning twenty, I was wearing my green wax jacket, with my hair in red pigtails, walking through the village to the post office and picking black berries to eat along the way. Bar the flash of bright blue powder over my eyelids, I felt like I could have been in my village in an older and quieter time. It'd probably have to be a different village though, as since 1906 till the mid 60s, when my village had the railway station, it was actually pretty busy and had several different small factories and businesses.

The rose hips are out, too, but the leaves aren't really starting to change yet, nor are the conkers ready to fall - they've finished growing, but they stayed fast when I shook a branch experimentally.

Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I like the weather, I like the colours, I like the food hanging on the edges of the paths, I like the feeling that everything is quietly storing up energy and shutting down unnecessary processes and starting to sink back down into the quiet bronzy earth to wait out the winter.


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