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Exciting update, for those (just me, then?) who care:

The lost bit of yellow-tak has been found. Sadly, it suffered during the time it was missing, and was discovered flattened and stuck to the lino floor, having survived the cleaning lady. However, reconstructive surgery was carried out and it is now blob-shaped again.
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I'd love to tell you all that I was productively working, reading the thousands of things I have for the essay I need to write tomorrow, or doing the essay I'm meant to be doing now, or even doing art, or sleeping, so I can get up early tomorrow...

Sadly not. I am instead, looking for blutak[1]. I had it, I dropped it, and it went... somewhere. This annoys me greatly, in only beacuse I know it's jsut going to show up on my duvet or clothes or hair.

It happened a lot in the first year...*wry smile*... when I had all my postcards blutak-ed up, and had to redo them every term. The pattern was always different but it was fun. The blutak did go every where though, and there I had a carpet so it was even worse - except the tak skitters across the lino here rather than just landing, so goodness knows where it's gone.

Gosh. Wasn't that exciting. A whole discourse on the perils of blutak, just for you[2]

[1] Or yellow tak, rather, as the blue stuff doesn't seem to exist in France.
[2] Actually, this was just a brief note. The discourse was the afternoon tea in the first year where we spent 3 hours discussing the myriad properties of different colours of tak, and then debating to see which one won. I can't remember what we decided. General eccentricity, probably.


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