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I had hoped this weekend might see me clear to 20,000, but clearly this was not to be. Unfortunately, I can't claim those 2000 words went on, say, applications or a French essay. They just didn't happen.

However, I am now saying good night to it, even if it is all currently highly dramatic, because my weary mind cannot cope with all the tension, quite frankly, especially when one of my characters just gave me a huge social commentary that I wasn't entirely expecting.

Anyway, bed.

I miss people *sigh*

Also, I want the pretty dress. Look. It's green. And my hair will go red again, and then I could wear a dress even more of the time.... in that, I would have a second mock-wrap dress that is pretty and warm and versatile and would look pretty with the red hair, and then I could wear dresses more, rather than red hair causing me to wear dresses. Er, yes. As I said - bed...
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But here is justification from Neil Gaiman that the writer can put themselves in their own work. )

I probably wouldn't be so excited about this (not that I am desperately excited, but still) had I not just slept in very late after writing till stupid-o-clock last night (after I said I'd go to bed and couldn't sleep) and this was my first look online after only half a mug of tea. Dangerous.

Anyway, some of you might be interested.


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