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I have given up on my Civil Litigation Research Memo, and am sitting in the LPC library playing with online virtual bubblewrap.

This is all I have to say.
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After I don't know how many years of exams, I have learnt the benefit of writing essay plans for all four questions at the start of an exam.

No, I don't know how I ever used to manage either, but saints be praised. I even had time (actual and mental) to do my chiropractor's back stretchy exercises. Hopefully the essays were ok... I wrote stuff. After years of comments of "too much on the cases, not enough analysis!" I may have slipped the other way...

Anyway. Food now, and bouncy music, then looking at the past paper which-may-be-the-collection for this afternoon.
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So, I'm finally writing an essay on the question that everyone gets asked when they become a law student. Sadly, I will no longer be able to dodge the question. Oh dear.

Unfortunately, the answer is still, it seems, "I'm not really sure, no one can quite agree." Still, nice to know I wasn't lying all the times I said that before.

For those who are curious: Consider whether the following actions were lawful and, if so, what was their legal basis: (a) the coalition usage of force against Iraq in 1991 in order to retake Kuwait and the US-UK use of force against Iraq in 2003; (b) NATO’s intervention in Kosovo; (c) the Anglo-American intervention in Afghanistan.
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I'm sitting here poking cases, swearing at[1] grumbling in the general direction of my tutor for giving me the wrong citations for all of them.

One of the cases reads: The applicant applied to register a trade mark... known as "the dark mark"

Yes, boys and girls, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is alive and well, and exploiting legal measures to regulate competition and access to the market.

I need tea.

[1] Having realised that I've started swearing like a navvy, I am giving it up for Lent. I have a pot in which to put monies as a self-imposed fine when I break this...
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I'm back in Somerset now, and not actually too discontent about living out of numerous boxes. It appears that I'm not actually going to be here very much long this vac, due to social/work commitments, which just is (in that it is neither particularly good or bad).

There has been much excitingness in the last week - admittedly much of it came from me quietly thrilling over little nuggets of law, and greeting half-remembered, re-discovered cases with squeals of delight, like they were old friends I hadn't seen for years, but I digress - and it wasn't all work related.

However, you will all have to wait with baited breath, because right now I'm quite tired, and a long rambly post about the events of last week will have to wait until tomorrow.
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IP (intellectual property) is a wonderful subject to study. The articles with impenetrable economic theory littering their pages aside, other academics fill their articles with quotations from Yeats and references to Les Misérables.

What I'm actually studying at the moment is copyright, which is in my opinion the most interesting area of the subject. More specifically, I'm looking into the question of the duration of copyright protection.

Cut for what appears to have almost turned into my essay for this week. Please read and discuss? I'd love to know what people coming at it from a non-legal point of view think of it all... )
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The lecture this afternoon was a big French-and-CC enclave. It was lovely - surrounded by hordes of people I know and who know me terrifyingly wonderfully well. The lecture was good too - comforting that my work for EC seems to have been on more or less the right track, but there were a couple of extra interesting bits too.

Being diligent, I'd be doing PIL now - but instead, I've had tea with Sophie, and we've just been to fetch Francesco, French student of our Civil classes last year, from the bus station and are about to go for more tea.

PIL can happen later/tonight, around OUSGG - more lovely people.

This is why I wanted to be back in Oxford.
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OK. More advice seeking. Sakes, I'm useless.

Here's the list of options available:

Commercial Leases
Company Law
Comparative Law of Contract
Copyright, Patents & Allied Rights
Copyright, Trademarks and Allied Rights (erm, I think this is meant to be the same as the one before...? It's not in the handbook with descriptions) - apparently it is different. So now, I have to decide which...
Criminal Justice & Penology
EC Competition Law and Policy
Environmental Law
EU Human Rights Law
Family Law
History of English Law
International Trade
Labour Law
Personal Property
Principles of Commercial Law
Public International Law
Roman Law:Delict
Taxation Law

Ok. Ones crossed through I definitely don't want to do (have done much history already, interesting as it would be...), ones in bold I am keener on than others.

PIL seems to include some Human Rights, as well as some of the internation crimes I studied in DPI . I enjoyed DPI - do I want to do something different, though? But, do I want to do just Human Rights? Edit: According to College Father Of Joy, his PIL didn't have much HR or Crim in it. INternational Court of Justice and other such fun things, though...

I'm pretty sure I want to do the Copyright (Imtellectual Property). Or maybe something else entirely?

Help and advice rewarded with drinks and eternal gratitude...
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I am back, though this is not the proper post to speak of my trip away (or rather, back to the right place, depending how one chooses to look at it...).

I need help.

I start lectures tomorrow and I don't know what to do. I know I want to do INtellectual Property (copyright, trademarks, etc) and will also probably do it for Finals (need to pick them too, but that's a slightly less pressing concern). However. Out of the others, narrowed down as below based on Things That Clash Or Happen On Friday Or Saturday (I need my weekends. I need to be able to get away...), which should I do? You know me, you know stuff I like and how much of a geek I am...

[Poll #915836]

Oh - and also, the History of Obligations (Contract and Tort) which had been my first original thought. Comment if you think that one *nods*
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Went for coffee yesterday, which was rather jolly, we talked about all sorts of things and it was great. The entertaining part was that we looked like drowned rats, since the moment I got out of my lecture it started bucketing it down. As usual, my umbrella was worse than useless, and we ended up sheltering under a very tiny awning watching the road flood 6 inches deep with water. After no rain for weeks to speak of, I think the drains had forgotten how to drain. It was just like England, and it was lovely.

I'm currently spending this morning writing up case notes and drinking HUGE amounts of tea as well as trying to recreate my Christmas card list, not having brought it with me this year.... it's rather fun, in a twistedly tea-drinking productive IT'S-CHRISTMAS (which is pretty and means swoopy descants of joy and also, this year, HOME) sort of way.

I shall return to so doing.

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Cards are now coated in horrible plastic stuff which means that you cannot write on them in proper ink.

Do they really assume the entire world uses biro now? This distresses me somewhat...

In other news - not done enough work, not revised for the test, I ~am~ going to fail but I'm stupid and complacent and don't care, because I'm going back this weekend - tomorrow!

On tea

Nov. 12th, 2006 12:19 pm
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I am in a somewhat odd cycle of tea drinking today. After realising last night that I needed tea half an hour later than I should have realised it, for tea solves everything, I am now both requiring it and using it as a reward/incentive.

I have a list of productive things I must accomplish today. I am not allowed tea until I have done at least one of these things (cunningly they are broken down into small sections). However, I require tea to be able to do them. It is a vicious circle, and I suspect I may not actually get up properly all day because, frankly, I have food here in my room and music and work and I want to dye my hair later, so getting up properly would be a little superfluous.

Possibly this tea addiction has gone too far. On the other hand, I like tea, so this isn't really a problem *nods*.
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My glop cooking skills remain unparalleled, it appears. Tomatoey tuna glop tonight.. though it's only half 5. Curious.

It's very strange. I feel horribly unprodtuctive today, despite the fact that I've written a constit essay in French and done 1000 words of NaNo, and gone to Denfert to do a huge food shop.

I think it's maybe because it's dark outside. Also, I slept in till 10 - it was lovely snuggled up under my duvet and double throw, looking out the window and deciding that though it was cold and crisp, I had a bed to be in, and I could do the cold and crisp thing later.

The other exciting thing that hasn't happened yet today but will do in a few hours is dressing up and going out to Rocky Horror! We are told to take a small bottle of water, rice, toast, a bell, toilet paper, playing cards, a lighter and a newspaper. However, absolutely no eggs, ketchup or flour, apparently. Glad they made that clear :)

I shall let you all know how it went when I return... assuming I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, but y'know, that's what the CPSD's for, right? *grins*
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I really am doing NaNo this year. This appears to be unmitigated insanity - I'm trying to do applications and law at the same time, for goodness sake!

More to the point - I still maintain that I can't write. Up until January of this year, I wrote nothing except academic work and my diary - even creative writing in school only happened under extreme duress and it was awful. I never had ideas, I never knew what to write, and the primary school stories invariably ended up with a rather implausible situation ... "and then they/I/he/she/it woke up, and it was all a dream."

I knew various people were doing this - then, in a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] black_eyedgirl on the 31st, she challenged me to find an idea. She sent me as a joke to the Online Fantasy Plot Generator, which I poked several times... and then I saw something, and put it into a Word document, and over the next two hours ripped it to shreds and built a whole story. There's plot, and characters who have names, damn it!

And now I've started writing it, and last night produced 4463 words - on top of 8 fiches d'arrets, and a 2000 words French case commentary and all the rest of it - and then there were more characters, and there was description, and there was plot that went places, and I know exactly where the next 10,000 odd words are going - barely any way into the whole story, that's where, but there's an awful lot going to happen.

So, yes. See? I can't write....

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,463 / 50,000
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That is, wonderful in a surreal fashion, rather than wonderfully surreal, which would be surreal in a wonderful fashion. Surreal, because it's things I wouldn't expect - partly because they are odd, partly because I'm not used to things being good!

Just did an hour and 15 minutes trip to Boulevard St Germain on a top hunt... got off the metro and got swept into a crowd dancing in front of L'eglise St Germain des Pres to Dixie music played by a band who included a man wearing a washing board which he played with metal finger caps. It was just shiny.

I excused myself from the dancing and took myself along to the shop I'd spotted, went in, immediately found a top, tried it on, had a long discussion with the lovely lady about it... Result: I have a top which is dark grey with black lace to go with my skirt for the ball, which has straps, and lacing at the back so it doesn't corset as such, just accommodates the fact that my waist now goes in somewhat.

This morning was also wonderful, as I went to the Chocolate show and ate far too many free sample and got fed free Baileys and ended up feeling a little ill afterwards, but that may have been the lack of breakfast first!

Also, work - don't understand the civil essay, writing it anyway; constit gets poked now and then; it can all darn well fit round me writing a novel, too!

Final piece of joy: Rocky Horror night on Friday....
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I'd forgotten how good - productive, yes, but also enjoyable - sensible working patterns should be. Like doing things a bit in advance, and not staying up to finish them out of sheer bloody-mindedness, but getting up in the morning to do them. I'm now grateful I had that imposed on my in my first two terms, I probably wouldn't have done nearly as well in Mods otherwise. Just a shame it's taken me so long to rediscover it.

In other news - tea is good, especially when I first get up; Paris is still stupidly warm; I think I'm becoming allergic to trousers; I'm wondering which point I started using everything as a mental intellectual springboard to dive into all sorts of obscure references and arguments.
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Oooooh, brain overload. I've done work on three of my four subjects today - half written a dissertation for one of them, as well as studying Italian, doing watercolours and writing poetry. Even tea is no longer helping as much as it ought.

Mm. Curling up is so tempting. On the other hand, drinking tea and watching Firefly after finishing off another bit of work is also very tempting...

Right. Shawl/scarf back on, back straight, push hair back, tuck feet under chair, absent mindedly chew a pencil... find the tea, preferably the full mug, and write another section to this dissertation.
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I've just realised I'm recreating a scene from my first two terms at Oxford.

The window is open, letting chilly autumn air in, which is making my toes icy (it doesn't take much), even with my feet tucked under my chair, but is necessary because otherwise the room is stuffy and horrible. To counteract the bare shoulders, I've got a large scarf or two draped around me. I'm surrounded by law books and papers and abandoned mugs and a plate, and a sketch pad and pencils and pens. My hair is vaguely scrunched back in the same knot as last night, which has loosened while I slept so the weight of my hair is sitting on the base of my neck, with strands and locks of hair breaking free and falling round my face. There's a mug of tea just drunk, and one to come, and soft gentle music in the background, and the lyrics drift in and out of focus. The internet is on, to be occasionally gently poked when I look up from a paragraph, and I'm quietly working on two things at once. I've decided I'll cope with the food and milk I have for today, because going out would mean finding shoes and keys and all sorts of complicated things, and I can just shop tomorrow. Out of the corner of my eye, I keep seeing birds flying past, and the trees are turning to orange brown.

There are no time deadlines, no people I have to see, no where I have to go. I can just stay here, and it is peaceful and a beautiful day.
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1) Law is so much easier when I've slept, eaten and am not feeling stinking ill. IN fact, unless really necessary, I just shouldn't even try law in that state.

2) The industrial revolution is to blame for everything. This theory is obviously still a work in progress, but in the last 24 hours I have observed the changes it caused to the economy, to transport, to architecture, to familial structure and family law, and to the French law of obligations, notably contrats/délits (contracts/torts). I shall continue to quietly observe this theory. It is quietly sitting in the corner, thinking no one has noticed that the industrial revolution is responsible for all changes in the last 200 years. I have a periscope and I shall continue to observe it in its blissful ignorance.

3) It has been so long since I've regularly worn trousers that I now find them uncomfortable. I shall have to continue wearing skirts and tights and pretty shoes. What a shame...

4) My handwriting has changed since I've been here. My "1"s now look very French and my cross bars on "7"s are finally justified so that they might be distinguished. Additionally, my "n"s and "m"s are acquiring extra loops. I'm not sure it makes my writing any more legible, but it's very exciting.

5) Boiled eggs are not only delicious but also good for you. I must not forget this again.


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