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What's the use of roots if you can't spread them?

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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
What do you do?
I am a lawyer in training. I also bake, cook and cross stitch. Leave me alone in a flat and I'll start trying to tidy it.

Culinary specialities include apple and thyme mash, and white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes.

What else do you do?
I geek – comics, sci-fi and fantasy mainly.

I dive into theatres at every opportunity, and am equally happy front or back of stage.

Where do you come from?
I come from a small village in Somerset, via Hong Kong, Paris, and Oxford. I currently live in Luxembourg.

I have a bad habit of falling in love with places where I live.

Where can I get in touch with you?
My contact details post is here.

Tell us something else?
I have 31 kinds of tea.

A few things I am rarely, if ever (and don't really want ever want to be) without:
- My black Parker fountain pen (the case is replaceable, the nib is not)
- A thick A6 ruled notebook with a ribbon
- A 2cm tall glazed white pottery duck with green feet and a yellow beak
- A silver puzzle ring

This journal has turned out to be mostly friends-only, with sub-filters. Please comment on any of the unlocked posts if you'd like to be added. There are some of them unlocked, but those ones are generally pretty dull. Please feel free to add me, I nearly always add people back, and online friends are always excellent.

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