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Packing: you know you're doing it wrong when you look into the wardrobe, cackle manically and shout "IN YOUR FACE, WARDROBE! IN! YOUR! FACE!!!"

You know why this is wrong?

Wardrobes don't have faces.
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Dear flist,

In a couple of weeks I need to move the contents of my London flat - including some bulky-ish furniture - down to Somerset where my parents live, to store while I'm away. Due to family circumstances, my parents are now unable to help move stuff, which had been the plan.

So: Does anyone know of man-with-a-van (not a removals company, they're too expensive) who could pick up my stuff from London and drive it down to Somerset? Any numbers/recommendations welcome!
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Mighty flist!

Because I fail at life, I've never been proper travelling on my own, and thus have no idea how to find hostels which are (1) cheap; (2) sensibly located; and (3) not full of rapists and axe murderers[1].

Most places I'm happy to just turn up and wing it. Hong Kong, I am not so happy with this plan. We are there for 7 days (6 nights) and I don't want to have to move around, and ideally I'd like to book somewhere before we leave... but I am overwhelmed by the gazillions on Google.

Ideally, I'd like to be on HK Island, in the Mid-levels or Causeway Bay/Wanchai area, rather than Kowloon, because I am an Island girl and I have an irrational dislike of Kowloon[2]. It's a bit like the London north/south of the river thing, except I've never had a problem with that...

So: how can I find a suitable hostel? What clever Google result-limiting terms am I missing??

[1] Or, y'know, anything else nasty along those lines. Chainsaw murderers, for example. I know there's no real way of telling but there must be some indications, surely?

[2] For the 0.001% of people who haven't had me tediously slip this into conversation - I used to live in HK, but it was 12 years ago, and we had a flat, so I never paid much attention to hostels.
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Oh, god. I just made pancookies...

Sorry [livejournal.com profile] apotropaios. I seem to have stolen your cooking...
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London is FULL OF SNOW! I am going to build a SNOWMAN outside my window and EVERYWHERE.

It has been SO LONG since I have seen PROPER SNOW and yes, I am now 8 again. Leave me be.

In other news, Britain fails to cope with snow and all transport breaks. Remarkably unconcerned about the classes I may miss; much more concerned about missing tutoring. I am simultaneously 8 and 28, apparently.


Also I have just been brought a snowball and had it put on my desk. Hmm....


Edit: College have cancelled classes today! Woohoo!
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Ew, ew, ew! Our bathroom is growing mushrooms!

This really ruined my relaxing bath earlier today when I discovered them halfway through right by my head.
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So. Apparently, it is this time of year again, and I am determined to be organised.

I have, however, been thwarted at the first post, because I have lost my card list (complete with addresses) from last year.


If you would like a card from me, possibly with something small but moderately exciting inside, then please comment here with your real name and address. If you would like a card that is specifically New Year only/not Christmas, let me know!

Comments are screened.
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I have given up on my Civil Litigation Research Memo, and am sitting in the LPC library playing with online virtual bubblewrap.

This is all I have to say.
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Dr. Horrible! Words cannot explain how joyous I am finding this. It has Nathan Fillion! Also, why have I not seen Neil Patrick Harris in anything before? Why? He is evil[1] and sings[2]!

*goes to watch Act 2*

ETA: I want Felicia Day's hair. On my head, I mean. Not fair. *pouts*

[1] OK, he is not, but he is playing soppy evil, and just, bless
[2] Hey, it's always nice.
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... very big thank you to whoever it was who left chocolate in my pidge this morning (or possibly even last night - I found it this morning). You are lovely, whoever you are, and deserve lovely people to be lovely to you, and I am very very grateful.
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Things revision is making me realise and ponder:

Some subjects are easier in Garamond, others in Calibri, still others hand written.

Is the fact that revision is easier if I colour code it with 12 pens a consequence or a cause of my OCD tendencies?

All the subjects refer to each other - all of them! This is very good news.

Lectures are awesome.

I have been using some of my personal shorthand symbols in the same way for a lot long than I realised. I was convinced that my shorthand for "right" only came into being in Paris when I nicked it from someone as a shorthand for "droit", but it seems to be used in that sense on my lecture notes from MT05.

No, none of this is interesting to anyone but me. It's keeping me happy though.
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Problem: utter failure to learn jurisprudence

Solution: dig out A2 ethics revision notes

Result: laugh hysterically at over-simplified nature, think wistfully of the days when philosophy was easy, and wonder what I was thinking when I wrote "P3 revision: To Be Learnt"
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After I don't know how many years of exams, I have learnt the benefit of writing essay plans for all four questions at the start of an exam.

No, I don't know how I ever used to manage either, but saints be praised. I even had time (actual and mental) to do my chiropractor's back stretchy exercises. Hopefully the essays were ok... I wrote stuff. After years of comments of "too much on the cases, not enough analysis!" I may have slipped the other way...

Anyway. Food now, and bouncy music, then looking at the past paper which-may-be-the-collection for this afternoon.
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..except I don't think they were French. Not English, either, or at least not originally, but not French.

That aside, they were being sleazy French men.

Saturday, I was sitting having coffee with a friend, and a guy sitting at a nearby table came up to me and said:

"I just wanted to tell you you look fabulous"
"Er, thank you" (thinking, oh god, creep, and watching my friend being shocked/horrified/cracking up)
"May I join you?"
"Er, no, sorry, we're discussing rather private things, sorry"
"OH. Well, may I buy you another coffee?"
"No, I'm fine thanks"
"Oh. Well, I hope you have a good day, and you do look fabulous"
... and he left, and we cracked up.

Today, when I was walking back from the library up High Street, a guy ran after me. The conversation was largely similar, except without the coffee and with handing me an invite to a bible study group and asking if he could "get to know me as a friend". I was a bit more of a stuck record ("I'm sorry, I'm very busy") with this one, but he, like the other one, left me alone after a couple of minutes.

After a year of much worse in Paris, I'm really not that bothered. But why the hell are they all gonig after me? There were leggy blondes in miniskirts waiting to cross the road, why not them (rather than me in battered leather jacket, soft crumply boots, and a black/grey dress)?
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Oh god. I have gone from studying the qualities needed to constitute a state and a governement, to assessing the legality and implications of "Wet Wet Wet: The Unauthorised Biography".

No, I don't have other content.
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A person with citizenship granted by Germany is German.

A person with citizenship granted by Switzerland is Swiss.

A person with citizenship granted by Australia is Australian.

What the blazes is someone with citizenship granted by Liechtenstein?!

(Yes, this is a serious question. It's really bugging me. I've only just realised Liechtenstein isn't the same as Lichtenstein, but still don't know how to refer to this chap.)

Answers on a postcard (or, y'know, in an LJ comment) please... there may be a prize if any amuse me particularly (or are even right!)


Mar. 31st, 2008 06:07 pm
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I need help deciding my lecture notes.

In one of my public international law lectures, in the section on history and origins, I've written that IL was based on the divine right of kings under natural law until this idea was challenged by e.g. the French revolution.

After this, I have a margin note - c.f. Monty Python: Where's your mandate?

Where is this from?? And does this mean I can legitimately watch Python and call it revision?
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So, I'm finally writing an essay on the question that everyone gets asked when they become a law student. Sadly, I will no longer be able to dodge the question. Oh dear.

Unfortunately, the answer is still, it seems, "I'm not really sure, no one can quite agree." Still, nice to know I wasn't lying all the times I said that before.

For those who are curious: Consider whether the following actions were lawful and, if so, what was their legal basis: (a) the coalition usage of force against Iraq in 1991 in order to retake Kuwait and the US-UK use of force against Iraq in 2003; (b) NATO’s intervention in Kosovo; (c) the Anglo-American intervention in Afghanistan.
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Part of Camden market has burnt down

... one of those "that's a film, right?" moments :s
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I'm sitting here poking cases, swearing at[1] grumbling in the general direction of my tutor for giving me the wrong citations for all of them.

One of the cases reads: The applicant applied to register a trade mark... known as "the dark mark"

Yes, boys and girls, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is alive and well, and exploiting legal measures to regulate competition and access to the market.

I need tea.

[1] Having realised that I've started swearing like a navvy, I am giving it up for Lent. I have a pot in which to put monies as a self-imposed fine when I break this...


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