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Mighty flist!

Because I fail at life, I've never been proper travelling on my own, and thus have no idea how to find hostels which are (1) cheap; (2) sensibly located; and (3) not full of rapists and axe murderers[1].

Most places I'm happy to just turn up and wing it. Hong Kong, I am not so happy with this plan. We are there for 7 days (6 nights) and I don't want to have to move around, and ideally I'd like to book somewhere before we leave... but I am overwhelmed by the gazillions on Google.

Ideally, I'd like to be on HK Island, in the Mid-levels or Causeway Bay/Wanchai area, rather than Kowloon, because I am an Island girl and I have an irrational dislike of Kowloon[2]. It's a bit like the London north/south of the river thing, except I've never had a problem with that...

So: how can I find a suitable hostel? What clever Google result-limiting terms am I missing??

[1] Or, y'know, anything else nasty along those lines. Chainsaw murderers, for example. I know there's no real way of telling but there must be some indications, surely?

[2] For the 0.001% of people who haven't had me tediously slip this into conversation - I used to live in HK, but it was 12 years ago, and we had a flat, so I never paid much attention to hostels.
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OK. More advice seeking. Sakes, I'm useless.

Here's the list of options available:

Commercial Leases
Company Law
Comparative Law of Contract
Copyright, Patents & Allied Rights
Copyright, Trademarks and Allied Rights (erm, I think this is meant to be the same as the one before...? It's not in the handbook with descriptions) - apparently it is different. So now, I have to decide which...
Criminal Justice & Penology
EC Competition Law and Policy
Environmental Law
EU Human Rights Law
Family Law
History of English Law
International Trade
Labour Law
Personal Property
Principles of Commercial Law
Public International Law
Roman Law:Delict
Taxation Law

Ok. Ones crossed through I definitely don't want to do (have done much history already, interesting as it would be...), ones in bold I am keener on than others.

PIL seems to include some Human Rights, as well as some of the internation crimes I studied in DPI . I enjoyed DPI - do I want to do something different, though? But, do I want to do just Human Rights? Edit: According to College Father Of Joy, his PIL didn't have much HR or Crim in it. INternational Court of Justice and other such fun things, though...

I'm pretty sure I want to do the Copyright (Imtellectual Property). Or maybe something else entirely?

Help and advice rewarded with drinks and eternal gratitude...
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I am back, though this is not the proper post to speak of my trip away (or rather, back to the right place, depending how one chooses to look at it...).

I need help.

I start lectures tomorrow and I don't know what to do. I know I want to do INtellectual Property (copyright, trademarks, etc) and will also probably do it for Finals (need to pick them too, but that's a slightly less pressing concern). However. Out of the others, narrowed down as below based on Things That Clash Or Happen On Friday Or Saturday (I need my weekends. I need to be able to get away...), which should I do? You know me, you know stuff I like and how much of a geek I am...

[Poll #915836]

Oh - and also, the History of Obligations (Contract and Tort) which had been my first original thought. Comment if you think that one *nods*
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People of wisdom, I crawl unto you once more seeking your knowledge and internet-savvy-ness and advice. What do you think of this player (in blue) from this store?

Edit: There's a review of it here. And I don't care about what it says about photos, I want it for music, silly people. It also says you can do the draggy droppy file thing... er, technical teerminology abounding, of course.

Does the site selling it look reputable? Or will they cackle and fry me and steal all my money, or inadvertently let someone else do so?
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I freely admit that I know nothing about MP3 players. Usually for technological things I don't understand I'd turn to my father, but given he's just bought himself a new record player, he knows less than I do.

Here's the situation:

I currently own a 64MB player, which will take around 15 tracks, or one album. It's a dear little thing, but pretty feeble really.

I would like to own a larger one that actually carries sensible amounts of music. I have 7.3GB on my computer; the question of how much I want to carry round is probably semi-answered by... What sizes of memory do these things come in? And for how much?

Also, which makes are good/bad/realiable/hold battery charge/anything else I ought to be asking?

You are all wise people, and if you can offer any advice, or point me towards any website offering advice, I would be very very grateful.


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