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So. Apparently, it is this time of year again, and I am determined to be organised.

I have, however, been thwarted at the first post, because I have lost my card list (complete with addresses) from last year.


If you would like a card from me, possibly with something small but moderately exciting inside, then please comment here with your real name and address. If you would like a card that is specifically New Year only/not Christmas, let me know!

Comments are screened.
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Went for coffee yesterday, which was rather jolly, we talked about all sorts of things and it was great. The entertaining part was that we looked like drowned rats, since the moment I got out of my lecture it started bucketing it down. As usual, my umbrella was worse than useless, and we ended up sheltering under a very tiny awning watching the road flood 6 inches deep with water. After no rain for weeks to speak of, I think the drains had forgotten how to drain. It was just like England, and it was lovely.

I'm currently spending this morning writing up case notes and drinking HUGE amounts of tea as well as trying to recreate my Christmas card list, not having brought it with me this year.... it's rather fun, in a twistedly tea-drinking productive IT'S-CHRISTMAS (which is pretty and means swoopy descants of joy and also, this year, HOME) sort of way.

I shall return to so doing.



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