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After I don't know how many years of exams, I have learnt the benefit of writing essay plans for all four questions at the start of an exam.

No, I don't know how I ever used to manage either, but saints be praised. I even had time (actual and mental) to do my chiropractor's back stretchy exercises. Hopefully the essays were ok... I wrote stuff. After years of comments of "too much on the cases, not enough analysis!" I may have slipped the other way...

Anyway. Food now, and bouncy music, then looking at the past paper which-may-be-the-collection for this afternoon.
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So, I'm finally writing an essay on the question that everyone gets asked when they become a law student. Sadly, I will no longer be able to dodge the question. Oh dear.

Unfortunately, the answer is still, it seems, "I'm not really sure, no one can quite agree." Still, nice to know I wasn't lying all the times I said that before.

For those who are curious: Consider whether the following actions were lawful and, if so, what was their legal basis: (a) the coalition usage of force against Iraq in 1991 in order to retake Kuwait and the US-UK use of force against Iraq in 2003; (b) NATO’s intervention in Kosovo; (c) the Anglo-American intervention in Afghanistan.


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