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Part of Camden market has burnt down

... one of those "that's a film, right?" moments :s
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They are going to remake Gladiators

This was one of the odder things I've seen. It's just such an early 90s show... except a lot of the hair was very late 80s. I mean, seriously? It used to be part of my childhood Saturday night TV (which also included Noel's House Party and Big Break. Is it any wonder I turned out like this??) and then I saw several episodes re-run on Sky a couple of years ago and couldn't believe 1) how useless they all were and 2) just how dated it was, and how incredibly cheesy...

...well, that explains the terrible sense of humour and fondness for weak puns, I guess.
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Never mind the latest Who news.

BBC's Alan Johnston has been released.

I know he was only one man; I know that he was far more fortunate than others in that he wasn't tortured or really harmed in any significant physical way; I know he was lucky because everybody knew him and he had thousands of people working to free him for the 16 weeks he was in captivity.

It still matters to me, because I was, like everyone else, shocked and horrified when he was taken. Call him stupid for staying there when all the other Western journalists had left, and I'll defend your right to that opinion - but I don't agree. In my eyes, he was incredibly brave, staying there, forging links and friendships with the locals, and making sure that Gaza didn't just become a media black hole. Maybe it was just the case that he would always be taken eventually, but it doesn't change the fact that he was brave - braver for knowing it, and also standing the risk of being killed in fighting - and deserved people working to set him free, just like everyone deserves it.

Like I say, for me this outshadows any announcements about s.4 of Who (no, I'm not even going to link, I'm too scared of being lambasted for spoilers...) but you're entitled to disagree (/disclaimer)
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Edit 12:10 GMT: It's been fixed now, so use the cut text below.

Someone at the BBC put their work online without bothering to finish it - either that, or they were drunk/falling asleep/pratting about.

The good bit's the last paragraph.

Just in case it gets corrected, text as I saw it at 11:40 GMT here )
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Dear Sky,

You lose. I wanted to see the eclipse and you chose tonight to get modest and cover yourself in clouds. Why tonight? Other nights you're a brazen hussy all uncovered for the world to see. But when there's something interesting, oh no, up come the clouds.

This is useless behaviour, and should be punished.

No love,



Dec. 9th, 2006 05:57 pm
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For those of you upon whom I've inflicted Artisan - and those of you I haven't - here's an excerpt from their latest email:

Anyone who's interested in what we're doing now should follow the links from the Artisan main page to Hilary's QuickSilver page, Brian's Recording Studio page and Jacey's pages for Folk Agency and SF writing.

We hope you all have a lovely Solstice/Christmas or whatever MidWinter Holiday you favour

Very best wishes from all of us, Brian and Hilary and me, Jacey.

Hugs all round.

Bless! It's not just them usic, they're a genuinely lovely bunch. Website here, if you're interested.
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This may not matter to anyone else, but I'm in shock.

Hong Kong's heritage.

I didn't even know they were shutting the ferry piers - those stupid little crowded piers, that you pushed and tumbled through, and the little boats - all with star in their name - going across the harbour, and the lights so beautiful at night.

All the other buildings and roads they talk about - damnit, I know them! I walked around them and even if I was little I loved that place, loved the way colonial nestled alongside, and provided a beautiful counterpoint to the soaring metal-and-glass skyscrapers. I don't know why I'm surprised. Even my building's probably gone now, it was only 25 storeys after all. Just... I maintain my regret we ever gave it back. I know we had to, because all the water was in the New Territories (which were only on lease, where as Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the other islands we had permanently and just agreed to give back because they didn't think they'd be able to sort the water problem), but still. When it was the bauhinia, and not the mostly-Chinese flag, Hong Kong was proud of its mixed culture and history - and so was I.
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The UK memorial of John M Ford - and the man himself - is described here.

Quite apart from being a beautiful description, it makes me wish I had read more of his work before now - I've only read a very few pieces, a few years ago. Do any of you know his work at all?

Without the self-conscious distinction of fandom, would strangers have gathered in an upper room to remember him?

It did seem a curiously religious gathering; but not in any obvious sense. What makes science fiction a slightly religious activity is not that its lovers believe, or pretend to believe, in things that don't exist. They do. But religions are concerned with communities as much as myths. If you believe the right things, or if your imagination has been caught in the right way, then you become part of a community, with obligations, feuds and secrets just like a more conventional religion.

It is just what such a piece of writing should be - happy, and reflective, and important, somehow.


Oct. 10th, 2006 06:19 am
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Anyone who is lightly entertaining and/or a cat person, read this!


Sep. 25th, 2006 08:35 am
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I love the internet. What a fabulous thing to wake up to on my birthday, to be found right here.

Cat people? Go look. Witty people? Go look. People who know any G&S at all? Go look!
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Read this
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If you can manage to read them... it's interesting to compare these to modern drug ads...
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Happy Birthday to Star Trek!

And I found this on a law blog... not sure what it says about lawyers, but there you are.


Sep. 5th, 2006 10:25 am
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I'm bored of the debates about whether she was a hunchbacked-dwarf, or had a crooked nose, and whether or not it was all down to charisma. I'm sure she had buckets of charisma, but that's not the point. What is really interesting is our perception of her through the ages - like everything, we obscure history to some degree through the way we look at it and subsequently manipulate it in the retelling. For a single person who is so fascinating, this effect is only magnified.

Interesting article on this here, and I'm sorely tempted to get the book.
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Hrm. On my daily trawl through law journals I came across this. If the American lawyers really want to run a beauty contest for both male and female lawyers, fine. But the bit about not being able to un-nominate yourself rankles - I really don't like that bit. The person who posted this at FeministLawProfs was in agreement with me on that one.

Also, I can't help wondering if this is going to come out in the UK - and if so, whether our film board could have the same reaction as the American one got here?


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