Dec. 9th, 2006 05:57 pm
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For those of you upon whom I've inflicted Artisan - and those of you I haven't - here's an excerpt from their latest email:

Anyone who's interested in what we're doing now should follow the links from the Artisan main page to Hilary's QuickSilver page, Brian's Recording Studio page and Jacey's pages for Folk Agency and SF writing.

We hope you all have a lovely Solstice/Christmas or whatever MidWinter Holiday you favour

Very best wishes from all of us, Brian and Hilary and me, Jacey.

Hugs all round.

Bless! It's not just them usic, they're a genuinely lovely bunch. Website here, if you're interested.
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That is, wonderful in a surreal fashion, rather than wonderfully surreal, which would be surreal in a wonderful fashion. Surreal, because it's things I wouldn't expect - partly because they are odd, partly because I'm not used to things being good!

Just did an hour and 15 minutes trip to Boulevard St Germain on a top hunt... got off the metro and got swept into a crowd dancing in front of L'eglise St Germain des Pres to Dixie music played by a band who included a man wearing a washing board which he played with metal finger caps. It was just shiny.

I excused myself from the dancing and took myself along to the shop I'd spotted, went in, immediately found a top, tried it on, had a long discussion with the lovely lady about it... Result: I have a top which is dark grey with black lace to go with my skirt for the ball, which has straps, and lacing at the back so it doesn't corset as such, just accommodates the fact that my waist now goes in somewhat.

This morning was also wonderful, as I went to the Chocolate show and ate far too many free sample and got fed free Baileys and ended up feeling a little ill afterwards, but that may have been the lack of breakfast first!

Also, work - don't understand the civil essay, writing it anyway; constit gets poked now and then; it can all darn well fit round me writing a novel, too!

Final piece of joy: Rocky Horror night on Friday....


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