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Things revision is making me realise and ponder:

Some subjects are easier in Garamond, others in Calibri, still others hand written.

Is the fact that revision is easier if I colour code it with 12 pens a consequence or a cause of my OCD tendencies?

All the subjects refer to each other - all of them! This is very good news.

Lectures are awesome.

I have been using some of my personal shorthand symbols in the same way for a lot long than I realised. I was convinced that my shorthand for "right" only came into being in Paris when I nicked it from someone as a shorthand for "droit", but it seems to be used in that sense on my lecture notes from MT05.

No, none of this is interesting to anyone but me. It's keeping me happy though.
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..except I don't think they were French. Not English, either, or at least not originally, but not French.

That aside, they were being sleazy French men.

Saturday, I was sitting having coffee with a friend, and a guy sitting at a nearby table came up to me and said:

"I just wanted to tell you you look fabulous"
"Er, thank you" (thinking, oh god, creep, and watching my friend being shocked/horrified/cracking up)
"May I join you?"
"Er, no, sorry, we're discussing rather private things, sorry"
"OH. Well, may I buy you another coffee?"
"No, I'm fine thanks"
"Oh. Well, I hope you have a good day, and you do look fabulous"
... and he left, and we cracked up.

Today, when I was walking back from the library up High Street, a guy ran after me. The conversation was largely similar, except without the coffee and with handing me an invite to a bible study group and asking if he could "get to know me as a friend". I was a bit more of a stuck record ("I'm sorry, I'm very busy") with this one, but he, like the other one, left me alone after a couple of minutes.

After a year of much worse in Paris, I'm really not that bothered. But why the hell are they all gonig after me? There were leggy blondes in miniskirts waiting to cross the road, why not them (rather than me in battered leather jacket, soft crumply boots, and a black/grey dress)?
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Paris has been covered over by a freezing mist, that makes the lights sparkle through it and catches in my hair where it tucks into my scarf. It's all over everywhere, I could barely see across the lawn to my building when I got back. It's cold, and chill in my lungs - but dry and crisp, and beautiful.

Now, I'm inside, and my room is warm. There's a mug of hot chocolate at my elbow waiting for me to finish it, and my candles are flickering on the side table, while the fairy lights are lighting up the fabric that hangs down over my bed.

Just for a moment, it's all very beautiful.

Just for these moments, everything else becomes worth struggling through.
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I'd forgotten how good - productive, yes, but also enjoyable - sensible working patterns should be. Like doing things a bit in advance, and not staying up to finish them out of sheer bloody-mindedness, but getting up in the morning to do them. I'm now grateful I had that imposed on my in my first two terms, I probably wouldn't have done nearly as well in Mods otherwise. Just a shame it's taken me so long to rediscover it.

In other news - tea is good, especially when I first get up; Paris is still stupidly warm; I think I'm becoming allergic to trousers; I'm wondering which point I started using everything as a mental intellectual springboard to dive into all sorts of obscure references and arguments.
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On the downside, I have huge feet that are clearly genetically abnormal. I ask for shoes in my size (41/42) in shoes shops and I get given looks that are a mixture of horror and pity. It would be amusing were it not for the fact that I atually quite need another pair of shoes I can wear with skirts and jeans, given how much I'm walknig and how much my existing pairs are going to get worn into the ground.

However, I have a found a shop of joy and wonder at Denfert, one RER stop from where I live. It's called Saga des Marques, and on the outside looks pretty grotty, but inside... has men and women's clothing from shops like Kookai and Oui, as well as designer scarves, for riciculously cheap prices! Example: I bought a skirt that should have been 90E for 15E... 'tis 100% cotton knee length, full skirt, black with red and white/gold embroidery and I love it.

Also, they had more exciting tights cheap. Mostly in tiny sizes for miniature French people, but I bought out the supply in sizes made for obese-by-French-standards people :)


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