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Things revision is making me realise and ponder:

Some subjects are easier in Garamond, others in Calibri, still others hand written.

Is the fact that revision is easier if I colour code it with 12 pens a consequence or a cause of my OCD tendencies?

All the subjects refer to each other - all of them! This is very good news.

Lectures are awesome.

I have been using some of my personal shorthand symbols in the same way for a lot long than I realised. I was convinced that my shorthand for "right" only came into being in Paris when I nicked it from someone as a shorthand for "droit", but it seems to be used in that sense on my lecture notes from MT05.

No, none of this is interesting to anyone but me. It's keeping me happy though.
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Problem: utter failure to learn jurisprudence

Solution: dig out A2 ethics revision notes

Result: laugh hysterically at over-simplified nature, think wistfully of the days when philosophy was easy, and wonder what I was thinking when I wrote "P3 revision: To Be Learnt"
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Oh god. I have gone from studying the qualities needed to constitute a state and a governement, to assessing the legality and implications of "Wet Wet Wet: The Unauthorised Biography".

No, I don't have other content.


Mar. 31st, 2008 06:07 pm
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I need help deciding my lecture notes.

In one of my public international law lectures, in the section on history and origins, I've written that IL was based on the divine right of kings under natural law until this idea was challenged by e.g. the French revolution.

After this, I have a margin note - c.f. Monty Python: Where's your mandate?

Where is this from?? And does this mean I can legitimately watch Python and call it revision?
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..."never hit your tennis partner with the racket, only with the ball."

No, seriously. If you hit them with the racket, even if it slips out your hand, they'll sue you for injuring them; however, they can't sue you for hitting them with the ball because (1) during the game they've got equal powers of control over it and (2) you can't prove any fault on their part for hitting it wrong.

Thankfully, if I ever do play tennis here, hitting the ball straight in front of you when you're serving (instead of on the diagonal) doesn't constitute a fault on your part, meaning they can't sue you for damages if they get hit. Not sure what happens if, like me, you hit it into a different court though...
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Chambre des deputes: He's not the President, he's a very naughty boy!

Senat: Oh no he isn't!

Chambre des deputes: Oh yes he is!


Mac-Mahon: Mwahahahaha! You cannot foil my evil plan! Especially not on the 25th June 1877!
[Waves magic wand and Chambre des deputes dissolves, possibly in a large and entertaining pile of goo]
There! Once you manage to reform yourself, you will bend to my will! Mwahahahaha!

Villagers: [Looking very French in stripy tops and berets]
Not when we have zee powerrr to re-elect them!

[Business – oh now, well, how do we do this – well I think we have to do this voting thing…]

Random woman: Can I join in?

Villagers: NO!

[Continue business]

[Chambre comes back to life looking just as mean as ever]

Chambre des deputes: So! We meet again! What will you do now, hmm?

Mac-Mahon: [Throws hands up in air]
Alright! I accept! I will no longer criticise my ministers who have your support, ever again! They are just too strong and mighty – and to be honest, you’re a bit scary.

Chambre des deputes: Good. Glad to hear it. Now, shall we all go and have coffee – being all French, we don’t know what tea is, do we, mes amis…

[General mutters of ooh-lala, non non non, &c.]


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