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So - I get back from Rocky Horror, and then a drink in the Naked Bar, and it's half two in the morning. I get changed for bed - what's the best plan? Still a bit too awake for sleep, so I'll do something. Applications - or rather starting to prepare the long answers for them - wouldn't be a bad idea. But no. I don't want to tell people about all the junk I did in Oxford last year and how it means I should be a lawyer, because I hate that.

What do I do instead?

I am certifiably insane. And now, I really am going to bed.
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My glop cooking skills remain unparalleled, it appears. Tomatoey tuna glop tonight.. though it's only half 5. Curious.

It's very strange. I feel horribly unprodtuctive today, despite the fact that I've written a constit essay in French and done 1000 words of NaNo, and gone to Denfert to do a huge food shop.

I think it's maybe because it's dark outside. Also, I slept in till 10 - it was lovely snuggled up under my duvet and double throw, looking out the window and deciding that though it was cold and crisp, I had a bed to be in, and I could do the cold and crisp thing later.

The other exciting thing that hasn't happened yet today but will do in a few hours is dressing up and going out to Rocky Horror! We are told to take a small bottle of water, rice, toast, a bell, toilet paper, playing cards, a lighter and a newspaper. However, absolutely no eggs, ketchup or flour, apparently. Glad they made that clear :)

I shall let you all know how it went when I return... assuming I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, but y'know, that's what the CPSD's for, right? *grins*


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