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Finished work for the week, so I'm watching rom coms. Yeah, that sort of mood, and that productive. Trying to convince myself geography's just a social construct. It's a pretty solid one... Damn it. More chocolate, and more DVDs, and I'll swim it off on Saturday, if I don't shop it off tomorrow.
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My glop cooking skills remain unparalleled, it appears. Tomatoey tuna glop tonight.. though it's only half 5. Curious.

It's very strange. I feel horribly unprodtuctive today, despite the fact that I've written a constit essay in French and done 1000 words of NaNo, and gone to Denfert to do a huge food shop.

I think it's maybe because it's dark outside. Also, I slept in till 10 - it was lovely snuggled up under my duvet and double throw, looking out the window and deciding that though it was cold and crisp, I had a bed to be in, and I could do the cold and crisp thing later.

The other exciting thing that hasn't happened yet today but will do in a few hours is dressing up and going out to Rocky Horror! We are told to take a small bottle of water, rice, toast, a bell, toilet paper, playing cards, a lighter and a newspaper. However, absolutely no eggs, ketchup or flour, apparently. Glad they made that clear :)

I shall let you all know how it went when I return... assuming I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, but y'know, that's what the CPSD's for, right? *grins*
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That is, wonderful in a surreal fashion, rather than wonderfully surreal, which would be surreal in a wonderful fashion. Surreal, because it's things I wouldn't expect - partly because they are odd, partly because I'm not used to things being good!

Just did an hour and 15 minutes trip to Boulevard St Germain on a top hunt... got off the metro and got swept into a crowd dancing in front of L'eglise St Germain des Pres to Dixie music played by a band who included a man wearing a washing board which he played with metal finger caps. It was just shiny.

I excused myself from the dancing and took myself along to the shop I'd spotted, went in, immediately found a top, tried it on, had a long discussion with the lovely lady about it... Result: I have a top which is dark grey with black lace to go with my skirt for the ball, which has straps, and lacing at the back so it doesn't corset as such, just accommodates the fact that my waist now goes in somewhat.

This morning was also wonderful, as I went to the Chocolate show and ate far too many free sample and got fed free Baileys and ended up feeling a little ill afterwards, but that may have been the lack of breakfast first!

Also, work - don't understand the civil essay, writing it anyway; constit gets poked now and then; it can all darn well fit round me writing a novel, too!

Final piece of joy: Rocky Horror night on Friday....
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Every time I go to Monoprix, whatever for, I come back with a different kind of tea[1]. They have very many. I now have much tea. I feel like a dirty philistine, though, as it's all in teabags and not leaf. The trouble is, I don't have the airtight jars to put leaf in - bags, I can keep in ziplock labelled bags and carry it round with me in my rucksack to and from Paris.

When I have my own home I'm living in for more the 3 months at a time, I shall buy such jars and leaf tea.

I want to hold teaparties again. I had such lovely tea parties in the first year, and I even won our term-long Afternoon Tea competition. People here don't like tea very much, though. Next year, I shall hold tea parties. I have a lovely big sitting room and I shall send round pidge invites a week in advance (and then email everyone to remind them, if people are like my previous guests used to be with bits of paper beautiful invitations, and then I shall prepare and lay everything out beautifully and then people can come and descend on my room from 4pm and all will be wonderful.

I could have made this horribly dramatic, but I've had gin and now had tea and I'm gently prodding law, so I couldn't be bothered really. But it's the thought that counts, right?

[1] I also come back with milk, but that's because I always need to buy milk. Tea is not necessary in quite the same way, in that I have already got a shelf full of it.
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On the downside, I have huge feet that are clearly genetically abnormal. I ask for shoes in my size (41/42) in shoes shops and I get given looks that are a mixture of horror and pity. It would be amusing were it not for the fact that I atually quite need another pair of shoes I can wear with skirts and jeans, given how much I'm walknig and how much my existing pairs are going to get worn into the ground.

However, I have a found a shop of joy and wonder at Denfert, one RER stop from where I live. It's called Saga des Marques, and on the outside looks pretty grotty, but inside... has men and women's clothing from shops like Kookai and Oui, as well as designer scarves, for riciculously cheap prices! Example: I bought a skirt that should have been 90E for 15E... 'tis 100% cotton knee length, full skirt, black with red and white/gold embroidery and I love it.

Also, they had more exciting tights cheap. Mostly in tiny sizes for miniature French people, but I bought out the supply in sizes made for obese-by-French-standards people :)


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