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Just realised I've forgotten to drink tea all day. No wonder I'm feeling odd.
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The lecture this afternoon was a big French-and-CC enclave. It was lovely - surrounded by hordes of people I know and who know me terrifyingly wonderfully well. The lecture was good too - comforting that my work for EC seems to have been on more or less the right track, but there were a couple of extra interesting bits too.

Being diligent, I'd be doing PIL now - but instead, I've had tea with Sophie, and we've just been to fetch Francesco, French student of our Civil classes last year, from the bus station and are about to go for more tea.

PIL can happen later/tonight, around OUSGG - more lovely people.

This is why I wanted to be back in Oxford.
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Went for coffee yesterday, which was rather jolly, we talked about all sorts of things and it was great. The entertaining part was that we looked like drowned rats, since the moment I got out of my lecture it started bucketing it down. As usual, my umbrella was worse than useless, and we ended up sheltering under a very tiny awning watching the road flood 6 inches deep with water. After no rain for weeks to speak of, I think the drains had forgotten how to drain. It was just like England, and it was lovely.

I'm currently spending this morning writing up case notes and drinking HUGE amounts of tea as well as trying to recreate my Christmas card list, not having brought it with me this year.... it's rather fun, in a twistedly tea-drinking productive IT'S-CHRISTMAS (which is pretty and means swoopy descants of joy and also, this year, HOME) sort of way.

I shall return to so doing.


On tea

Nov. 12th, 2006 12:19 pm
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I am in a somewhat odd cycle of tea drinking today. After realising last night that I needed tea half an hour later than I should have realised it, for tea solves everything, I am now both requiring it and using it as a reward/incentive.

I have a list of productive things I must accomplish today. I am not allowed tea until I have done at least one of these things (cunningly they are broken down into small sections). However, I require tea to be able to do them. It is a vicious circle, and I suspect I may not actually get up properly all day because, frankly, I have food here in my room and music and work and I want to dye my hair later, so getting up properly would be a little superfluous.

Possibly this tea addiction has gone too far. On the other hand, I like tea, so this isn't really a problem *nods*.
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I'd forgotten how good - productive, yes, but also enjoyable - sensible working patterns should be. Like doing things a bit in advance, and not staying up to finish them out of sheer bloody-mindedness, but getting up in the morning to do them. I'm now grateful I had that imposed on my in my first two terms, I probably wouldn't have done nearly as well in Mods otherwise. Just a shame it's taken me so long to rediscover it.

In other news - tea is good, especially when I first get up; Paris is still stupidly warm; I think I'm becoming allergic to trousers; I'm wondering which point I started using everything as a mental intellectual springboard to dive into all sorts of obscure references and arguments.
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Oooooh, brain overload. I've done work on three of my four subjects today - half written a dissertation for one of them, as well as studying Italian, doing watercolours and writing poetry. Even tea is no longer helping as much as it ought.

Mm. Curling up is so tempting. On the other hand, drinking tea and watching Firefly after finishing off another bit of work is also very tempting...

Right. Shawl/scarf back on, back straight, push hair back, tuck feet under chair, absent mindedly chew a pencil... find the tea, preferably the full mug, and write another section to this dissertation.
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I've just realised I'm recreating a scene from my first two terms at Oxford.

The window is open, letting chilly autumn air in, which is making my toes icy (it doesn't take much), even with my feet tucked under my chair, but is necessary because otherwise the room is stuffy and horrible. To counteract the bare shoulders, I've got a large scarf or two draped around me. I'm surrounded by law books and papers and abandoned mugs and a plate, and a sketch pad and pencils and pens. My hair is vaguely scrunched back in the same knot as last night, which has loosened while I slept so the weight of my hair is sitting on the base of my neck, with strands and locks of hair breaking free and falling round my face. There's a mug of tea just drunk, and one to come, and soft gentle music in the background, and the lyrics drift in and out of focus. The internet is on, to be occasionally gently poked when I look up from a paragraph, and I'm quietly working on two things at once. I've decided I'll cope with the food and milk I have for today, because going out would mean finding shoes and keys and all sorts of complicated things, and I can just shop tomorrow. Out of the corner of my eye, I keep seeing birds flying past, and the trees are turning to orange brown.

There are no time deadlines, no people I have to see, no where I have to go. I can just stay here, and it is peaceful and a beautiful day.
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Every time I go to Monoprix, whatever for, I come back with a different kind of tea[1]. They have very many. I now have much tea. I feel like a dirty philistine, though, as it's all in teabags and not leaf. The trouble is, I don't have the airtight jars to put leaf in - bags, I can keep in ziplock labelled bags and carry it round with me in my rucksack to and from Paris.

When I have my own home I'm living in for more the 3 months at a time, I shall buy such jars and leaf tea.

I want to hold teaparties again. I had such lovely tea parties in the first year, and I even won our term-long Afternoon Tea competition. People here don't like tea very much, though. Next year, I shall hold tea parties. I have a lovely big sitting room and I shall send round pidge invites a week in advance (and then email everyone to remind them, if people are like my previous guests used to be with bits of paper beautiful invitations, and then I shall prepare and lay everything out beautifully and then people can come and descend on my room from 4pm and all will be wonderful.

I could have made this horribly dramatic, but I've had gin and now had tea and I'm gently prodding law, so I couldn't be bothered really. But it's the thought that counts, right?

[1] I also come back with milk, but that's because I always need to buy milk. Tea is not necessary in quite the same way, in that I have already got a shelf full of it.
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It's hot.. and sweet... and tastes of vanilla.

Mmm. Tea-love, even if not-much-else-right-now-love (somethings, though.. :) )


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