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Number is still the same, but, ooooohhh... It is shiny and pretty and all hi-tech.

Best of all, it works.

Or, er, will do, when I've worked out how to use it.

Technology in general I have no problem with, but phones are alien to me, I have no intuition on how they work at all. Generally a capable young woman (well, mostly, anyway), when I go into a phone shop I am reduced to the most feeble blithering fool you ever had the misfortune to meet.

"Um, one that works? And isn't too flashy or fancy, I just need calls and messages..." seems to be my usual line. Beyond looking at what band they work on, whether it has bluetooth if it has a camera, and looking at battery life, I am completely clueless.

This, then, is the reason why I am so delighted when I jump all the hurdles to getting a new phone.
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People of wisdom, I crawl unto you once more seeking your knowledge and internet-savvy-ness and advice. What do you think of this player (in blue) from this store?

Edit: There's a review of it here. And I don't care about what it says about photos, I want it for music, silly people. It also says you can do the draggy droppy file thing... er, technical teerminology abounding, of course.

Does the site selling it look reputable? Or will they cackle and fry me and steal all my money, or inadvertently let someone else do so?
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I freely admit that I know nothing about MP3 players. Usually for technological things I don't understand I'd turn to my father, but given he's just bought himself a new record player, he knows less than I do.

Here's the situation:

I currently own a 64MB player, which will take around 15 tracks, or one album. It's a dear little thing, but pretty feeble really.

I would like to own a larger one that actually carries sensible amounts of music. I have 7.3GB on my computer; the question of how much I want to carry round is probably semi-answered by... What sizes of memory do these things come in? And for how much?

Also, which makes are good/bad/realiable/hold battery charge/anything else I ought to be asking?

You are all wise people, and if you can offer any advice, or point me towards any website offering advice, I would be very very grateful.


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